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Why design matters

The design of a website is important to businesses for several reasons. First, it affects consumer behavior. The saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is true of websites. Before you read the content or browse the details about a business, you get an overall impression based simply on the design. It impacts how you feel about the product or service and if you are going to take the next step.
While content plays a big role in whether someone finds your site or not, the design has a key role in whether they stay there. In fact, it is how the website or landing page looks that helps determine the conversion rate.

What do consumers want?

When they visit a website, what are consumers looking for? They want:

  • an experience that is simple and easy
  • pages that load fast
  • easy navigation

Consumers don’t want to follow a maze to the page they are searching for. Everything should be convenient and easily accessible.
Consumers also want to avoid clutter and distractions. That flashing banner that used to be so popular is considered a nuisance for today’s consumer. Everything should be fresh and relevant.
Color is also important on a website for a variety of reasons. Not only can the wrong colors create a negative perception for the consumer, but they can make it difficult to read the page. Avoid bright greens and yellows or other neon colors. Stay away from too much white so that the page doesn’t look washed out. It is these little details that make the difference between your visitor staying on the page or moving to your competition’s website.

Responsive design

Design is going to matter even more in the future as people access the internet on a variety of devices. It will be essential that businesses use responsive design to capture their audience wherever they are. Responsive design is design that can adjust for the optimal experience on whatever device you are using.
Certain elements that are seen on a desktop will not be included on a mobile device. Other elements will need to be able to adjust to the various screen sizes to show them in their entirety. Images must be be scaled down to fit on a smartphone or a tablet. Your sidebars need to be able to move from the side of a page on the desktop to the bottom when viewed on a phone. What all of this means is that the design must be flexible to respond to whatever screen size someone is using and make it easier for the user to view.

Design that converts

The goal of a website for most businesses is conversion. Design is an important part of reaching that goal. Creating headlines that draw people in and buttons that take them to the next step are essential in moving the user from curious visitor to new customer. Images and graphics should be attractive but not distract from the purpose of visiting the site. Everything must work together to win the customer over.
Design should not only matter to businesses creating a website, it should play as unique but important of a role as content. When you put the two together correctly, you have a winning combination destined to help your business stand out and grow.

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