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Pay-per-click may sound like an arcade game, or a new type of cable TV, but in reality, it’s one of the most important ways to market your business or website.

When you invest in PPC advertising, you’re gaining the opportunity to appear at the top of search results, even above organic listings. You’re also able to target your audience more effectively, while tracking your results and managing your budget.



First things first: What is PPC?

You may have a basic understanding that pay-per-click is a form of online advertising, but it’s more complex than just placing an ad and hoping for the best.
With PPC, you buy advertising listings from search engines. Most commonly it’s Google AdWords, but you may also opt to buy listings with other search engines like Bing, or Yahoo!
When you buy keywords, your site appears at the top of search rankings, above organic listings.
A site purchases ads in an auction-style process where the commodity being purchased is a particular keyword. When a search engine user clicks on your listing, you’re charged for the amount you initially bid to gain that listing.

Improving PPC ROI

As with any advertising channels, return on investment is the top consideration.
As mentioned, PPC is a science. It’s not a guessing game, and there are real, viable ways to determine your return on investment, in a more exacting way than what you’re going to be able to determine with other forms of advertising, or even SEO.
With pay-per-click advertising, it’s all about generating not only leads, but leads that are high-quality. There’s a balance to be found between volume and quality.
A number of factors play into this balance, including the distribution of advertising, relevance of an ad copy, keyword scope and more. These are the factors that affect the cost of PPC advertising, and they have to be weighed carefully against the cost of a campaign.
Once you find the ideal balance, it’s possible to keep advertising costs low, while simultaneously increasing revenue.

What you will get with us

  • Comprehensive Campaign Management
  • Data-driven Campaign Optimization
  • Custom Landing Page/Ad Copy Development, Testing, and Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis and Monitoring
  • Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) Campaign Management
  • Call Tracking Integration and Optimization
  • Dedicated Account Management

Why choose Rank and Grow?

By now, you’re probably overwhelmed with the components require for a successful PPC campaign, but luckily, Rank and Grow is a professional company dedicated to helping local businesses dominate their individual market with effective pay-per-click advertising.
Rank and Grow is AdWords certified, which means we’re Google certified consultants. We have extensive knowledge and expertise as it relates to AdWords and Google PPC campaigns, and have passed rigorous exams to enter into this partnership with the world’s top search engine.
We’re also extremely focused and targeted with our efforts. We’ll determine specific goals, with your input, prior to beginning any campaign, and develop a personalized strategy, specific to your needs and your business.
Rather than constantly encouraging our clients to increase their budget, we realize the goal is always the highest possible ROI for each campaign, so we’re able to work with limited budgets and get the maximum impact, while improving your click-through-rate.
If you’re ready to begin PPC, or you’re simply realizing you can’t manage it on your own, Rank and Grow is your best resource to make you PPC campaigns cost effective.

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