Attract, convert, close, optimize.

Why Choose Inbound Marketing

Traditional marketing often adopts an in-your-face approach that can turn potential customers off. Inbound marketing appeals to people because it provides information that is of value to them and leads them to you naturally. Inbound marketing has become one of the most effective methods of gaining new customers.

How Inbound Marketing Works

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  • Attract

    You not only want to increase traffic but you need to attract the right people to you. With inbound marketing, you look at the customers that want or need your product or service. Who are they and what are they like? What are they looking for that you can provide? It is essential that you know who your audience is so that you can create a content plan that is targeted to them. By answering their questions and providing information that is of value to them, you introduce them to your brand and draw them to your site.

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  • Convert

    Once the right people have found you, you must convert them into leads. This can be accomplished in several ways, depending on your end goal. You may get them to submit a contact form, sign up for an email newsletter or simply call your business phone number.

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  • Close

    Once you have converted these visitors into leads, you want them to take the next step and become customers. This is the point where you begin to develop a relationship with them. You continue to provide information that is important and engaging to them while putting your service or product in front of them. This section of the funnel focuses strongly on lead nurturing and move forward on the final stages of buying cycle.

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  • Optimize

    You must learn from both your successes and failures. To do this, you need analytical tools to determine what worked and what you could have done better. What process turned that visitor into a customer? Or when did you lose your lead? Measuring your inbound marketing efforts helps ensure improved success for the next time.

    This is also where you work on retaining your customers for repeat service and turn them into promoters of your company to win more people. You continue to engage them through social media, emails, and other avenues so they don’t forget about you.Inbound marketing is about bringing the right people to you and turning them into loyal customers by providing them with quality content they want and need.

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