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SEO is more than “free traffic” is one of the best marketing channels and assets for your business.

Why SEO Matters

SEO or search engine optimization is the force that drives people to a website naturally. Search engines look for the sites that are the most trustworthy and relevant to a search query that you potential visitor might search for.

70% of the links search users click on are organic, not paid. (hobspot)
70% of users ignore the paid ads (search engine land)

When you use SEO principles correctly on your site, search engines will view you as an authority in your field and bring people to your site because you provide what they are looking for.
When you rank high in the list of results, you will see a large increase in traffic. Visitors can then take the next step, whether that is to make a purchase, sign up for an email list, or use your services. While we don’t focus solely on page rank, we do understand the importance of increasing targeted traffic to your website.

The Benefits of SEO


We work with you to ensure that your website appeals to your targeted audience. That is why we customize our approach to your individual needs rather than providing you with a package plan. We’ll assist you in creating a specific strategy that fits within your budget and focuses on your goals. The result will be more people visiting your site who are interested in your products or services, which will translate into increased sales and leads. We make our campaigns transparent so you know what we are doing and what the expected results will be.

An effective SEO strategy also increases your brand’s awareness and reputation with search engines and with people. Your business looks more credible when it ranks higher in the search results, which then increases the trust that people have in your company.

On-Page Factors

There are many on page factors that effect your overall rankings, page element like Title , H1 Tags and Schema Markup should be employed for all pages.
Our On-Page SEO experts customize each of these elements on each page of your website for the most relevant and high demand keyword.


Fresh relevant content is what separates your website amount the others. SEO is built on high performing content that’s optimized for your specific target keywords. We’ll help you to create useful and engaging content that brings traffic and conversions.

Linking Campaigns

External links are like “votes” for your page’s authority the more quality links your have and linking to your website the higher page rank you’ll get in search engines.

Our link building experts will build link profiles around your targeted keyword and not just rank your home page but deeper internal pages as well.

SEO gives you a better ROI than any other kind of marketing strategy when it’s done right. It’s the most cost-effective marketing plan you can create because it keeps giving you results day after day. We work to make sure we create an SEO strategy that fits your business to maximize your return for the long-term.

Here at Rank & Grow, we focus heavily on results for our clients instead of high placement. Whether you are looking for more leads, more sales, or more readers, we work with you to achieve your goals. We understand that search engine optimization is more than just ranking on the first page of Google even though it is important. It’s about what you want from your business. Our job is to help you get there.

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